How many times can I reset my ELM license?

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ELM users can reset their license using ELM License Management ( )
LicenseReset Times
Architecturalup to 4 times
Super and Ultimateup to 3 times
Othersup to 2 times

To reset any license follow this steps:
1. Log in to the ELM License Management portal -
2. Select your license and click "Reset this license on a new PC"

ELM License Management
3. Enter the new Hardware ID and click Reset ELM license - Please note that the management system will tell you how many resets you have left on your license. 
New Hardware
The "Hardware ID" is assigned by ELM.
1. Open ELM
2. Go to Settings > License and you will find the "Hardware ID" at the bottom left corner of the screen

Hardware ID ELM
TitleHow many times can I reset my ELM license?
URL NameELM-license

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