ELM - How many machines can you install the same licence on?

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Each license is registered to one individual or company and covers the activation of the software on a certain number of computers depending on your licence.

  • Entry Edition: supports 4 universes (allows up-to 3 activations)

  • Standard Edition: supports 16 universes (allows up-to 3 activations)

  • Professional Edition: supports 96 universes (allows up-to 4 activations)

  • Super Edition: supports 256 universes (allows up-to 4 activations)

  • Ultimate Edition: supports 512 universes (allows up-to 4 activations)

  • Architectural Edition: supports 1024 universes (allows up-to 4 activations)

ELM will only run on one computer at a time. For example, you can activate a show and backup computers but only one computer can run ELM at a time.

The license is a simple file that you import once. No hardware dongles are needed. The license is linked to your computer’s CPU and motherboard. You can upgrade any other components and reinstall the OS without invalidating your license.

A license isn’t transferrable, meaning once your computer stops working, you can only activate ELM on another computer if you still have activations left. - Click here to instructions on how to reset licenses.
Use this online form to activate a computer:

To get more DMX universes, you can activate multiple licenses on the same computer. The DMX universes of all licenses will be added.

TitleELM - How many machines can you install the same licence on?
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