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Please note that this article applies to:

  • ODE Mk2 (70405)

  • ​ODE POE Mk2 (70406)


  • DIN ODE Mk2 (71020)

  • ​DIN ODE POE Mk2 (71021)

ODE Mk2 does not turn on ?

Please double check that the power supply used is the one supplied with the unit. (7.5V, 1.6A)
We do not recommend any other power supply to be used with these units.

ODE with POE (70406) :
please make sure that a POE enabled switch or POE injector is used to supply power to the ODE.

ODE Mk2 does not output DMX ?

Please test with NMU
ENTTEC provides this free utility to send Test Art-Net sequences to the ODE
NMU is available for both Windows and Mac.
It can be used to find your ODE Mk2 and send Art-Net to it.
Download NMU here

What is the Default IP address of my ODE Mk2?

ODE Mk2 is shipped as set to DHCP. 
If you are connecting to a router that has DHCP enabled, the router will assign an IP address to ODE Mk2

If DHCP address is not assigned, ODE Mk2 will default to the factory set static IP address 
This static IP address is based on the serial no. of the unit, and is printed on the box 

In any case, you can always use NMU to find the current IP address of the unit 

Unable to open ODE Mk2 web-page:

You must ensure that ODE Mk2 and your computer are on the same subnet
To troubleshoot:
Please connect ODE MK2 directly using a cat5 cable to your computer:

  • Give your computer a Static IP address (
  • Change computer Netmask to (
  • Connect ODE Mk2 now
  • Now use NMU to select the correct network (
  • If you have multiple networks (wifi etc.), please try to disable all other networks except the one ODE is connected to.
  • Once NMU finds the ODE, you will be able to open ODE Mk2 web-page and configure it

Howto assign static IP address on Windows

Howto assign static IP address on MacOS


Why do my lights flicker with ODE Mk2 ?

It is possible that your lights don't support full refresh rates of DMX (40 fps and above)
You can lower the DMX refresh rate (closer to 25 fps is ideal) on your ODE Mk2
Simply open the ODE Mk2 web-page, and change refresh rate under DMX settings 

Flicker due to Merging 
Are you sending Art-Net from two sources to the ODE Mk2 ?
- Merging might be disabled, please enable Merging 
- Only two sources are supported for merging, more than two could result in flicker
- Also, both Art-Net sources cannot originate from the same IP address

Will ODE Mk2 show up in the software I use ?

ODE supports Art-Net and sACN and appear as a supported node, if the software supports these protocols.
Please contact the support of the software you are using for more details.

Does ODE Mk2 support merging ?

Yes, and this can be controlled using the Settings web-page

Is ODE Mk2 isolated like DMX USB PRO?

All Ethernet devices are isolated by their very nature, all Ethernet links are magnetically coupled which means you have 1000V isolation between the DMX line and Ethernet line
However it is advised to use a DMX opto-splitter wherever possible to protect ODE from unwanted electric signals.

I am having problem with Artnet or another protocol and ODE Mk2 ?

We can try to help you but please include a full network capture using Wireshark and send your email to support(at) Wireshark is a free network monitor tool that captures all network data, you can download it form MAC, PC and Linux versions are available.

Please capture a few minutes of full network traffic when the problem occurs, save the data from wireshark and send us the CAP file it creates.

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