Datagate Mk2, Storm24 or Pixelator - Profile Control

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How to control the output configuration of a Datagate Mk2, Storm24 or Pixelator 

The output configuration is managed by profiles
Since all the configuration is done via the web-profile editor, and web interface.

You could, potentially have different profiles - and then activate one you need with a simple HTTP request 
Have a profile for each different port configurations you require 
And then activate one profile as needed 


For example, 
If the IP address of the unit is

This request will activate profile id 25

Change the pid parameter in that request to the required profile_id 
Profile id is displayed in the profiles page 

RS232 control

The same can be done using RS232 control (and is mentioned within the Settings page)
RS232 String:P-nnn
To Activate Profile ID "045" for example, the string would become P-045 
Profile ID is visible in Profile Listing page.
A successful command, would return "!", and error would return "?"

RS232 Connection Information: 
baud rate : 9600, Data : 8 bit, Parity : none, Stop: 1 bit, Flow Control: none
To Test the connection, send character it should return the version info string
TitleDatagate Mk2, Storm24 or Pixelator - Profile Control
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